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American Reliance, Inc. (AMREL) has been providing advanced mobile computer technologies for nearly 20 years. The firm’s American site for engineering, design, marketing, and manufacturing, is located in El Monte, California, which is a short 20-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles.


AMREL building

Computer division

Our computer division manufactures the popular ROCKY line of rugged notebooks, tablets, PDAs, and in-vehicle fixed computers.  These serve as platforms for mobile computing solutions for the Robotics, Communications, Biometrics, Public Safety, and Industrial markets.

Pioneers in ruggedness

AMREL has repeatedly set new standards for ruggedness. In January of 1991, we introduced the notebook computer to the American market and our ROCKY was the industry’s first Pentium® powered, fully water resistant, rugged notebook computer.

Our computers are fully rugged. Period.

All AMREL computers are certified to MIL-STD 810 and MIL-STD 461. In addition to meeting military standards for durability, we provided extra protection by incorporating our unique Fault Tolerant Isolation Design into our ROCKY platforms. Years of successful operation in some of the harshest battlefields around the world proves that our computers are as tough as our soldiers.  Read a soldier’s letter about how a ROCKY computer saved his life.

Customization is our core business

AMREL’s business model differentiates itself in its ability and willingness to modify base-line product to meet customer’s exact requirements. Over 80% of our computers are customized to our client’s specifications. In fact our open platform computers enable us to mass produce customized solutions more economically and quicker than our competitors.

Sample of Battlefield-Proven Customized Solutions

DoD Branch



AMREL Rugged Platform


Ground Robot Radio Controller


15" RK Laptop


Virtual Instrument Portable Equipment
Repair/Test (VIPER/T)


13.1"RT Laptop


DDG Onboard Communications

Lockheed Martin



QDSS: Quick Deploy Satellite System


8.4"DR Tablet


Real people answer our telephones

Since AMREL specializes in customization, we react to customers requests effectively and quickly.  Within three rings, a live person will answer your support phone call (no recorded announcements during business hours).  Also, we design, prototype, and deliver faster than any other business in the industry.  This is more than a philosophy; it’s our business strategy. By rapidly responding to customers’ needs, we have successfully competed against much larger companies for 25 years.

Long Term Support

Our dedication to customer service doesn’t end with the sale. Many manufacturers frequently change product models, abandon designs and often do not support their products. This is an important consideration when evaluating the True Cost of Ownership.

A primary feature of AMREL’s business model is long-term support.  While most of our customers can obtain support for 7 years after purchase, we have accounts that are still supported after more than 14 years. Our support applies both to standard and customized products equally.

“My favorite moment is when they look at us and say ‘You can really do that for us?"

Ron McMahan, COO, explaining how AMREL‘s solutions expertise surprises its clients.

Questions?  Call AMREL’s experts at (800) 882-6735